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Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition

2015 EBPC Finalists

Venture Path Finalists

Adaptac Games LogoCompany Name: Adaptac
Description: AdapTac Games LLC creates behavioral health educational tools for kids as a safe and enjoyable option for skills training. With our hand-in-hand focus, we support parents and children. Our first app trains attention and planning skills for tweens and teens with ADHD.
Team: Candice M. Hughes, PhD, MBA
Twitter: @AdapTac @candicemhughes

AdmitSee LogoCompany Name: AdmitSee
Description: AdmitSee is a peer-to-peer admissions marketplace where college and graduate school students get paid for sharing their successful application files (including essays and resumes) and answering questions. The go-to pre-professional network for students to gain insight and advice from accepted students and upperclassmen, the platform provides data-driven insights for applicants to improve their application strategies and for universities and employers to more effectively engage with candidates.
Team: Lydia Fayal, Stephanie Shyu
Twitter: @AdmitSee

Bibblio LogoCompany Name: Bibblio
Description: Bibblio is a cloud-based content, context and syndication platform for educational resources. Our focus is to better connect creators of outstanding content with partners, educators, students and life-long learners around the world who are interested in the subjects they help convey.
Team: Mads Holmen, Rich Simmonds
Twitter: @bibblio_org

Byndr LogoCompany Name: Byndr
Description: Byndr is a simple, fast, and mobile LMS for higher education. Our intuitive app allows for quick and easy adoption on any device.Our initial focus is emerging markets where lightweight mobile products are the key to engagement.
Team: Praveen Vangeepuram, Joseph Freed
Twitter: @Byndr_Mobile

CodeMonkey LogoCompany Name: CodeMonkey
Description: CodeMonkey is a new way for children to learn how to code: an engaging online game for ages 9-16 that teaches a real-world programming language. Within only 10 months from launching in May 2014, over 750,000 children learned to code by playing CodeMonkey at home and in thousands of classrooms.
Team: Jonathan Schor, Ido Schor, Yishai Pinchover
Twitter: @CodeMonkeySTU

Junction LogoCompany Name: Junction
Description: Junction is the only learning platform that uses behavioral analytics to help students improve study efficiency. Junction’s blended courses empower instructors with data and easy editing tools and are designed to be intuitive, engaging, effective and affordable for students.
Team: Vineet Madan, Derek Wessler
Twitter: @GetJunction

Kinvolved LogoCompany Name: Kinvolved
Description: It takes a village to develop the whole child. Kinvolved is facilitating real-time, 2-way text and email communication through our app among members of students' support networks. With the support of Kinvolved's Community Managers, Kinvolved is proving to drive results, improving factors including attendance, parent engagement, and homework completion through effective communication that are essential to student success.
Team: Miriam Altman, Alexandra Meis
Twitter: @kinvolved, @miriamkinvolved, @alexedtech

Language Zen Logo

Company Name: Language Zen
Description: Language Zen is a web application that makes learning a new language more efficient and less frustrating. We make learning relevant by data-mining spoken conversation to teach you the things you'll actually use in the real world. We make learning efficient by giving you a personal curriculum that updates in real time so you only practice what you personally need to work on. We make learning fun by incorporating real music and personal interests. 
Team: Micah Greenberg, Ofir Geller
Twitter: @Language_Zen

Mosa Mack Science LogoCompany Name: Mosa Mack Science
Description: Mack Science is a media-based middle school science platform that allows educators to easily implement engaging, NGSS-aligned inquiry units. Using research-based strategies, Mosa Mack connects with students on a personal level by making content inquiry-based, culturally relevant and fun. Through the use of plot, humor and mystery, Mosa Mack models scientific thinking as she dives into her investigations and redefines for all students what it means to be a scientist.
Team: Lissa Johnson, Thomas Nickles
Twitter: @mosamack

TROBO logoCompany Name: TROBO The Storytelling Robot
Description: TROBOs are lovable connected plush toys that teach kids 2-5 years old about the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in the world around them through interactive, personalized stories. The child appears in the stories as they go on adventures with TROBO and the toy reads the stories out loud. Story concepts include: How do Bees Make Honey, What is Lightning, How Does a Car Go, and What is Gravity?
Team: Jeremy Scheinberg, Chris Harden
Twitter: @MyTROBO


Idea Path Finalists

photo of Abdus-Salaam Muwwakki photo of Ronny Bernstein

Company Name: ActualizeMe
Description: ActualizeMe is a digital platform for high school students to explore their career interests by embracing project based challenges found in the workplace. We engage youth early in a process of self-assessment and invest in the promise that professional success derives from a cycle of exploration, reflection, and presentation. In partnership with service learning organizations, ActualizeMe offers a collaborative learning experience where students uncover their passions, visualize their skills, and establish a professional identity.
Team: Abdus-Salaam Muwwakki, Ronny Bernstein
Twitter: @abdusdaman, @learninggrounds

photo of Akeesha Washington photo of Aria Florant
photo of Nishank Shinde photo of Son Ca Vu

Company Name: CollegeFit
Description: CollegeFit uses machine learning to combine data scraped from social networks and crowdsourced student information to provide accurate, personalized recommendations on the best schools, financial aid, and scholarship programs for each student. Students fill out a survey with demographic, admissions, and financial aid information, and this data is analyzed to provide personalized recommendations to students on safety, fit, and stretch schools along with financial aid information. Additionally, students can provide access to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to find potential mentors in their social networks.
Team: Son Ca Vu (CEO), Nishank Shinde (CTO), Akeesha Washington (Partnerships), Aria Florant (Student Outreach)
Twitter: @soncavu

photo of Tatiana Poladko photo of Atnre Alleyne

Company Name: CourseLab
Description: CourseLab aims to radically improve the quality of college-level teaching through the development of cloud-based, collaborative, and data-driven course and instructional design tools. CourseLab is an interactive syllabus creation and content sharing platform that provides college instructors with content recommendations (textbooks, articles, videos, etc.), analytics on course rigor and comparability, an opportunity to connect with college instructors across the globe, and the ability to collect student feedback on course materials
Team: Atnre Alleyne, Tatiana Poladko
Twitter: @atnre_alleyne, @tatianapoladko

photo of Elisa Altorfer photo of Melissa Corto

Company Name: Education Modified
Description: Education Modified aims to improve outcomes for students with diverse needs by leveraging technology to provide job-embedded research-based strategies to teachers and personalized cumulative portfolios of what works and doesn't work for every child.
Team: Melissa Corto, Elisa Altorfer
Twitter: @EdModified

photo of Jacob Lerner photo of Valentina Raman

Company Name: JournalUp
Description: JournalUp is an online journaling program for seventh and eighth grade students. It combines the power of daily writing with community engagement to unlock the power of student voice, improve literacy outcomes in middle schools, and teach students that they are not passive recipients of education, but rather drivers of excellence and agents of their own change.
Team: Valentina Raman, Jacob Lerner

photo of Chian Gong

Company Name: Knudge
Description: Knudge helps low-income students beat the odds and graduate from college through a data-driven micro-incentives platform. The app combines timely reminders, resources, and rewards to help students build an ecosystem for success in college.
Team: Chian Gong
Twitter: @chianchirps

photo of Delip Andra photo of Rachana Pandey

Company Name: Lurn
Description: Lurn’s mission is to enable all children reach their full potential by providing high-quality early learning experiences. Founded by serial entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Lurn is developing a first-of-its-kind app that empowers parents, families and caregivers to nurture children by engaging them in interactive playful learning like never before.
Team: Rachana Pandey, Delip Andra
Twitter: @LurnCo

photo of Ala' Diab photo of Arianna Lambie photo of Andy McGuinness
photo of Radha Ramachandran photo of Eve Tulbert

Company Name: Planet Lab
Description: Planet Lab is a fun, gamified community for youth scientists (4th-12 grades). Learners explore STEM skills and applied literacy as they take missions that help people and the planet. Leading STEM organizations connect daily with classrooms and teachers, scaling up the reach and impact of their high-quality learning content.
Team: Eve Tulbert, Radha Ramachandran, Ala' Diab, Arianna Lambie, Andy McGuinness
Twitter: @PlanetaryLab

Company Name: Talking Points
Description: TalkingPoints is a communication platform built to increase parent engagement through multilingual texting. We want to connect every teacher, student and parent with one another in order to build healthy, enduring relationships that support students’ academics and character. The platform is pre-loaded with and crowdsources content that teachers use to send relevant, useful and actionable information to families to improve student achievement.
Team: Heejae Lim Twitter: @TalkingPointsEd

photo of Margo Wright

Company Name: Yenko
Description: Yenko is a mobile-first platform that uses predictive analytics, real-time grade tracking and productivity tools to help college students stay on track academically and financially. Yenko is tackling the critical problem that over 80% of colleges face - retaining and graduating their students.
Team: Margo Wright
Twitter: @margowright