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Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition


*Advanced to Finalist


Adaptivex unleashes the powers of adaptive testing to help improve student performance.
: Shayla Stafford, Estefania Ortiz, Dr. Kshawna Askew


We create mobile apps and games that allow teachers to turn mobile devices into science equipment and students into scientists. 
Founder: Michael Kasumovic

BestFit, Inc.

We're the YouTube of college decision-making, using data and storytelling to empower students to identify their best fit colleges. 
Founders: Asha Owens, Rebecca Kwee


Canduit is a SaaS platform for company-sponsored project-based learning in higher education. 
Founders: Leah Davidson, Greg Lewin, Matthew LaVan

Chef Koochooloo

An AI-powered gamified application for kids that teaches them healthy cooking from around the world, while enhancing their skills in science. 
Founders: Layla Sabourian, Antoine Tarwe, Delarai Tarwe

Class Composer

Class Composer is a subscription based software program that helps elementary school principals and teachers create equitable classes. 
Founders: Mike Cronley, Ed Khoukaz


eCLOSE provides biomedical research training to teachers and students through an inclusive and supportive citizen science approach.
Founders: Alana O'Reilly, Dara Ruiz-Whalen


Edcelerant creates modern coding curriculum, licenses courses to higher ed, and places qualified graduates in paid apprenticeships.
: Brad Denenberg, Richard Binswanger, Brigitte Daniel


EdTechLive's mission is to develop teacher competencies in classroom technology to improve student learning.
Founders: Nona Ullman, Phillip H Dunn, Liz Earley, Michael Sammartano

Floop Edu

Floop enables effective feedback to transform student learning. Our tools save teachers time and teach students to engage with feedback.
Founders: Melanie Kong, Christine Witcher


GAB-on! harnesses parent engagement, cultivates students' social/emotional learning, and strengthens EF's through the power of conversation.
Founders: Sylvia Hall, Jarrid Hall


GiveThx is a research-based curriculum and app that nurtures positive behaviors and relationships using peer-to-peer gratitude.
Founders: Michael Fauteux, Amara Humphry, Javier Pere


Huddle enables teachers to build strong, positive, and long-term 1:1 relationships with their students. 
Founders: Sean Farrell, Kathleen Sheehy


Majorwise is a High School Career Service solution that helps schools find, manage and track their students' work-based learning experiences.
Founders: Max Robbins, Peter Silverman


ROYBI is an AI-powered, educational companion robot, currently targeting 3-7- year-old children focusing on language learning. 
Founders: Elnaz Sarraf, Ron Cheng


SayKid combines voice technology (AI) and the form factor of a plush robot to help children learn in a safe, engaging, and personalized way.
Founders: DeLonn Crosby, Scott Schanke


ScholarJet partners with employers to create digital competitions, where low- income students compete to earn scholarships and get hired.
Founders: Tuan Ho, Joseph Alim, Francisco Calderon

*Social Cipher

Social Cipher is a story-driven video game that gives children with autism a safe, fun, and accessible space to apply social skills. 
Founders: Vanessa Gill, Amy Wu, Anastasia Ibrahim, Charlie Anderson


People are at their best when they have high executive functioning. Our AI coach improves these skills in students and employees.
Founders: Leon Kim, Ethan Keiser

*The Read Read

The Read Read empowers visually impaired and blind children to independently learn and practice phonics and braille.
Founder: Alex Tavares