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Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition

IdeaFest Finalists


IdeaFest Description:  A (primary) school-based and student-managed business selling clean tap water to community residents at an affordable price. We finance a community school to set up a water kiosk and provide them with sustainable products to transport the tap water from school to their homes. It is both an educational and profitable business, teaching the students business and entrepreneurial skills and generating much-needed income for schools.
Founders:  Venuste Kubwimana
60-Second Video Pitch:
Twitter: @kvest005


IdeaFest Description:  A Professional Learning Network that provides customizable educational resources to help teachers plan their classes efficiently. It will systemize the creation of instructional material, allowing it to adapt to the local context and to the needs of the students. Using Clipit, educators will participate in a collaborative culture, breaking the barriers of teacher’s isolation. Clipit: create, share, and enjoy!
Founders:  Carol Neumann, Cecilia Hevia
60-Second Video Pitch:


IdeaFest Description:  A for-profit search consulting firm and online platform that closes the skills gap and reduces student debt by attracting students as early as high school and connecting them with employers willing to repay student loans in exchange for a work commitment. With the competition for skilled resources stronger than ever, HUNT transforms the arms race of human capital by identifying talent prior to college enrollment. Using proprietary testing and screening processes, HUNT grooms students for internships and employment upon graduation. With an early on-boarding process, plus long-term contracts, employers have a competitive advantage in securing talent.
Founders: Trent Sawyer
60-Second Video Pitch:


IdeaFest Description:  Indosight is a workplace training solution for heavy and extraction industries. We develop AR/VR training applications for heavy machinery operators, which increases worker competency and on-site safety.
Founders:  Ran Mo

LUMEN LABS: Data and Digital Learning in Development Contexts

IdeaFest Description:  Lumen Labs is a social venture that provides sustainable computer education to underserved and developing markets. Through Lumen’s digital platform, students are taught to problem solve challenges in their community by collecting local data, and working with the data on computers to develop both critical thinking and digital literacy skills. Separately, Lumen captures, cleans, and provides the collected data to organizations to help fill the data gap in emerging markets and build a sustainable business model.
Founders:  Ruby Au
60-Second Video Pitch:



IdeaFest Description: Mood Magnet is a mobile app that enables therapists to support patients in an engaging and enjoyable way to strengthen therapy treatment. School therapists can now have more frequent touchpoints and build deeper relationships with students.
Founders:  Ronald Angsiy, Lisa Hoong, Flora Ma


IdeaFest Description:  Muzemaster is where blended learning meets music lessons and computer gaming. The platform connects teachers and their students to a set of web-based tools, extending guidance beyond the classroom, along with positive reinforcement and encouragement, to make practicing a more enjoyable activity. It’s practice, made perfect.
Founders:  Joshua Yarden, Will Rainbow
Twitter: @MuzeMaster



IdeaFest Description:  6 in 10 high school students are disengaged, which explains half of all high school drop-outs. Real-world projects, resulting in authentic interactions with corporate partners, can increase graduation rates by 50% through improved engagement. Yet, only 1% of teachers use them since it takes so long to organize. Sidekick’s intelligent digital assistant allows high school teachers to turn current problems of corporate partners into standards-aligned, personalized curricula in seconds.
Founders:  Chris Shaw, Ashwin Halgeri, Sarah Shaw, Heather Volchko, Alex Hoffman
60-Second Video Pitch:
Twitter:  @sidekick_edu


IdeaFest Description:  STEM Library Lab is a professional center for educators with the intended goal of closing the STEM opportunity gap in New Orleans public schools by increasing access to physical equipment, training, and lesson planning resources for teachers.  Our equipment-share library will provide additional hands-on inquiry based learning opportunities for students, which is demonstrated to improve educational outcomes and student engagement.
Founders:  Todd Wackerman, Sarah Sievert
60-Second Video Pitch:


IdeaFest Description:  Student Dox Central (SDC) is a secure and reliable platform that simplifies the process used to request and access academic files of transient elementary and secondary school students.  With each transfer, SDC merges all documents into one comprehensive electronic file by compiling original records from each school attended by the student. The electronic file grows as the student migrates from school to school and remains available for future transfers.
Founders: Genevieve Maignan
Twitter:  @studentdox



IdeaFest Description:  A self-paced online course to teach coding to Africans, which is optimized for delivery on low-end smartphones with limited internet access. SuaCode aims to tackle Africa’s digital literacy gap by exploiting the proliferation of smartphones in Africa. Through SuaCode, we will bring coding skills within arm’s reach of people across Africa, literally into their palms and thereby breaking the coding barrier in Africa as well as bridging its digital divide.
Founders:  George Boateng, John Kotey, Victor Kumbol, Isaac Sesi, Prince Steven Annor
Twitter: @nsesafoundation


IdeaFest Description:  TasselTurn closes the educational achievement gap among foster youth by removing the barriers to quality instruction and through on-demand academic coaching.
Founders:  Shanté Elliott