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Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition

2011 Winners & Finalists

* Indicates a Startl Finalist

First Place Milken-PennGSE and Startl Winner

* Alexandre Scialom, Thecoursebook Thecoursebook connects lifelong-learners to great online and offline learning resources. We realize that learning doesn’t stop after senior year and intend to reshape the adult education landscape to the learners’ benefit.

Second Place Milken-PennGSE Winners

* Judd Rattner & Edward Levie, Intellidemia Intellimedia develops information technology solutions for higher education to help institutions meet compliance standards, enhance collaborative interactions, and electronically standardize workflow.


Steven Francisco & Radhika Parithivel, Innovation Teaching Innovation Teaching seeks to improve the educational outcomes of all students by enabling progressive pedagogical techniques and effective data driven decisions.

Adam Geller, R3 Collaboratives R3 Collaboratives’ mission is to facilitate the professional growth of teachers by creating a collaborative network by which they can access the broader educational community for support and development.

Christian Kunkel & Rich Sedmak, Startup Corps Startup Corps’s mission is to teach students the skills necessary to turn their great ideas into something real, and in turn, help them to be active, engaged participants in their own education.

* Miki Litmanovitz, David Baron & Daniel Choi, AppSuccess AppSuccess provides low-income students who are qualified to go to a four-year college with the means to get there.

Nicolas Miller & Peter Lukomskyj, Tribal Education Technologies Tribal Education seeks to change the way English as a Second Language (ESL) students connect with English study programs abroad - from an approach driven by commissioned agents to one driven by informed student choices.

* Glen Moriarty & Erik Beebe, NIXTY NIXTY is a free service that makes teaching and learning, social and simple. NIXTY seamlessly structures eLearning content, providing students, educators, and institutions with a central place to take, create, and sell online courses.

* Matt Pasternack, GoalPost GoalPost gives away a powerful online reading motivation platform endorsed by the top reading experts in the country to teachers and schools and earns revenue by selling a monthly Netflix-like children‘s book renting subscription to a small subset of parents of children enrolled in each school.